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track this

The internet seems to have figured out how Assisted GPS works, and it doesn’t like it. It doesn’t like it one bit. The first thing to point out, I think, because a certain contingent of the internet punditry brigade have decided that this revelation must immediately be turned into a stick with which to further […]

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UI issues in Twitter for Mac/Tweetie 2

Twitter for OS X, as made available via the Mac App Store and hereafter referred to as “Tweetie 2 for Mac” or “Tweetie 2″, is absolutely the best Twitter client for OS X available today. That isn’t necessarily saying a lot – I’m no fan of the state of desktop Twitter clients in general – […]

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why I don’t run a food blog (and why I don’t read yours)

I’m widely known as being a bit of a foodie. And it’s true, I am. But it’s always been very clear in my mind that this blog shouldn’t be a food blog. I’m not sure exactly what this blog actually is (beyond being mostly dull, self-serving and pointless, as is the nature of blogs) – […]

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